Under Sartis’ tuition, Webron learns that the enraged goddess set a destructive hex into the foundations of Etruria upon her departure, clouding the astral planes to distort the Truro’s powers of clairvoyance to keep her activities hidden and eventually bring about the fall of their reign. Webron is then introduced to VALROCH who commands Sartis’ army; a Necromancer who teaches him how to weave the souls of half-life creatures into his tapestries. Sartis is revolted by their contempt for life and feels she is losing authority but disturbingly, finds herself falling hopelessly for her wayward student.

Sickened by her poison Webron cannot stand the light and forces Sartis to move from her beloved Sourwood into the caverns of the Necromancers where she continues to teach him, but after a violent disagreement Sartis leaves. With no mentor Webron spirals out of control and begins killing and kidnapping his own people to begin the creation of his morbid tapestry, THE WEB, although he vows never to capture a Truro.

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